Mount Lilydale Mercy College has a strong tradition of student leadership. Numerous opportunities and courses are offered, both formally and informally, to students throughout their secondary education providing them with leadership training and skill development. From the commencement of their education in Year 7, students are offered opportunities to experience various forms of leadership. The development of these skills is strongly supported through participation in programs offered within the College and through our links with the local community. Such roles present enriching opportunities for students to grow in confidence and equip them with skills required to take on leadership roles following their College education.

Our students relish the opportunity to make decisions, take on responsibility and have an input into the direction of the College through the leadership programs offered. Our student leaders work closely with staff and members of the College Executive to help create an atmosphere that supports and promotes a community of practice and connectedness and our culture of collaboration ensures mutual respect between students and staff. 

The leadership program commences at Class Captain level and provides students with a chance to perform a range of administrative, organisational and leadership tasks linked to their Homeroom.

Student Representative Council consists of students from each year level and offers a forum for students to voice their opinion on all matters concerning their education as well as initiating fundraising activities for social justice programs or for donation to Mercy Works and other charitable bodies.  

A Peer Support program exists at Year 10 and students from this level support the incoming Year 7 students during their transition year. The program also addresses some of the issues facing young adolescents.

A Prefect structure comprises 30 Year 12 students who are elected via a democratic process. They are a visible force within the College acting as positive role models for the younger students. Together with the Peer Support Leaders, they represent the College to the wider community through Open Days, Orientation Days, Information Evenings and are active participants in the life of the College. 

Prefect Roles 2018:

College Captains - Danielle Virgona and Ethan Wake (pictured above)

College Vice Captains - Erin Jones and Anthony Molluso

McAuley Prefects - Leah Del Giudice and Nathan Schubank

Sport Prefects - Serena Gibbs and Jay Harris

Performing Arts Prefect -  Rachel Van Der Linden  

English Prefect - Kelly Edyvane  

Maths Prefect - Kosma Krawczyk

Science Prefect - Ana Malnar

Mercy and Justice Prefect - Ava Brown

Faith and Ministry Prefect - Ashleigh Clinton 

Visual Arts Prefect - Faith Spencer  

Music Prefect - Aragorn Keuken

Health and PE Prefect - Emily Franken

LOTE Prefect - Talia Columbani
Humanities Prefect - Hollee Mandelt 

Yearbook Prefect - Jessica Speight

Environment Prefect - Eloise Trice  

Technology Prefect - Callum Young

VCAL Prefect - Carla Papanastasiou  

Carr House Prefects - Livy Henry

Frayne House Prefect - Emma Thomas

Maguire House Prefect - Joshua Hausler

O’Neill House Prefect - Mikeely Dell

Ryan House Prefect - Travis Rowden

Terry Dunn House Prefect - Emerson Woods

College Vice Captains

College Vice Captains

College Vice Captains

College Vice Captains

College Vice Captains