Do you like ignorant detectives, ninja sidekicks and the antics of various assassins?

MLMC’s Unit 3/4 Theatre Studies class of 2018 is carrying on the honourable works of film director Blake Edwards and actor Peter Sellers through this year’s production of Pink Panther Strikes Again.

It will be on stage next week, in Centennial Hall, on 10, 11 and 12 May from 7.30pm.

Just released from a mental hospital, Pauline Dreyfus (Rachel van der Linden) intends to kill off Inspector Clouseau (Garrett Harrington), a former underling who lives with his manservant Cato (Ashleigh Clinton) and whose blundering drove the previous head of police around the bend.

Dreyfus captures Professor Fassbender (Riley Atwell) and his daughter Margot (Talisha Nichols), ordering him to create a weapon that will destroy the planet— the Doomsday Machine. Dreyfus threatens world leaders with annihilation unless they hand over his nemesis by using assassins, including Russian femme fatale Olga Bariosova (Maddy Leane).Meanwhile, Clouseau goes to England, accompanied by his loyal sidekick Francois (Erin Jones), to look for the missing scientist, and his obliviousness turns out to be an asset

TICKETS: $15 adults, $12 concession, $10 children
BOOKINGS: MLMC Pink Panther Strikes Again
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Pictures in gallery:

  • Garrett Harrington (playing Inspector Jacques Closeau) and Kirra Smark (German girl) during rehearsals
  • Rachel van der Linden (Pauline Dreyfus) conducting her subordinates in a dramatic scene where she threatens world domination
  • The set team constructing and painting Dreyfus's organ
  • The costume/makeup team spray painting and decorating headpieces
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