We are thrilled to share the exciting news about the incredible journey that some of our Year 7 Class Captains and Vice Captains have embarked on through the Taming of the Butterflies public speaking course. Over the past eight weeks, these aspiring young leaders have been fearlessly honing their public speaking skills and embracing their new-found confidence.

With a total of 21 enthusiastic participants, the Taming of the Butterflies course has been an enriching experience for our Year 7 leaders. This initiative aimed to equip them with essential public speaking skills that will prove invaluable throughout their academic and personal lives. We are immensely proud of their dedication and the progress they have made within such a short time.

The Taming of the Butterflies program has only been possible through the generous support and expertise of the Lilydale Toastmasters, who graciously volunteered their time and knowledge to mentor our young orators. Their unwavering commitment to fostering effective communication skills within our community has truly made a significant impact on our Year 7 students.

We have already witnessed the positive impact of the Taming of the Butterflies course on our Year 7 leaders. They have seamlessly integrated their new-found public speaking skills into various school activities, such as class presentations and for some, even assemblies. Their new-found ability to convey their thoughts and ideas coherently has impressed both their peers and teachers, highlighting the tangible benefits of this program.

On Tuesday 20 June, the College hosted the final presentation evening of Taming of the Butterflies where the students involved were able to demonstrate the skills they had learnt to their families and members of the College staff.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the Lilydale Toastmasters for their selfless dedication and for sharing their expertise with our Year 7 students. Their commitment to nurturing the next generation of confident and articulate speakers is truly commendable.

Keep an eye out for our budding public speakers as they continue to demonstrate their new skills. We congratulate them on their remarkable achievements and wish them the very best as they embrace their new-found confidence and conquer any future speaking challenges that come their way.

Below one of the students reflects on the experience:

I really enjoyed the Taming of the Butterflies program. The knowledge that was shared and skills in public speaking are definitely an asset going forward. Thank you, team!
— Holly H (Year 7 Purple Vice Captain)