On Friday 21 July, three of our students — Jordyn K (Year 11 White), Ava L (Year 10 Jade) and Mesha V (Year 10 Purple) — competed in the finals for the Dante Alighieri Poetry Recitation Competition. As finalists, they were invited to the University of Melbourne to compete.

Finalists were called up in groups of 8-10 and taken to a room to recite their poems to a panel of judges. Several schools attended the day and the atmosphere among the students was exciting. This finals event was very different from their first excursion on 30 May, as our students could actually see all competing students and feel a sense of competition and tension.

It is inspiring that Dante Alighieri’s poetry is kept alive through the recitation by students. Our students are to be commended in their commitment to study Italian and represent our College in this annual competition. We await the results of the finals.

Below the students reflect on the experience:

Going to the Dante Alighieri finals was an amazing experience that made me feel fortunate to be part of a school community that offered such great opportunities. The day was enjoyable. As we waited with students from many other schools, it made me feel a real sense of accomplishment and allowed for the competition to feel truly alive. I enjoyed talking with other students from various schools and loved being able to look at the university’s beautiful architecture once the competition was over. I also was very grateful we had time to make a stop at Brunetti's for some traditional Italian sweets on our way back.
— Jordyn K (Year 11 White)

I loved the experience of the Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition finals, especially because it did not really feel like a competition in the first round. I loved getting to know a few of my peers and Ms Pangilinan more through this experience. Even if none of us place first, second or third, I'm still so proud of how my peers and I did, and would love to do this competition again next year.
— Ava L (Year 10 Jade)

It was really enjoyable participating in the finals. I was so happy and excited. I felt that I expressed Italian literature with my own perspective, and by showing appreciation of poetry. I hoped I did the author justice and entertained the listeners. It was such a compliment to be chosen as a finalist by the judges and competing for first place at Melbourne University. It was a really fun time immersing myself in the Italian language.
— Mesha V (Year 10 Purple)