Mount Lilydale Mercy College has a proud educational history developed over many years of Catholic Mercy teachings, more recently the College has taken great strides in actively supporting the cause of environmental stewardship, this has moved from theory into very practical examples.

This stewardship is guided by the encyclical of Pope Francis from his writings in Laudato Si, where the Pope critiques consumerism and irresponsible development and mourns environmental degradation. He calls on all people of the world to “take swift and unified global action”.

MLMC staff and students have been actively working toward environmental stewardship within our immediate school grounds and further afield in the local area with the assistance of partner state and local government agencies. This has seen the College heralded as a leader of sustainable practices and community engagement and has been nominated School of the Year in the annual Sustainability Victoria ResourceSmart school awards. The awards ceremony will be held next month.

You can read more about MLMC’s two award nominations in this newspaper article from the Star Mail newspaper. Click HERE.