Enthused by the teaching of Jesus Christ, the Mount Lilydale Mercy College Catholic coeducational community aims to foster justice, compassion, hope and hospitality in the Mercy tradition. We commit ourselves to the provision of a supportive environment where each student is encouraged to develop a love of God, of life, of others and of learning. Inspired by Catherine McAuley, we value:


  • That has as its basis a love of God, knowledge and experience of the gospel values
  • That recognises the centrality of the Paschal Mystery — the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, on our lives today
  • That, together with the teachings of the Catholic Church, is demonstrated through our celebration of life and the formation of loving relationships within the community, and participation in liturgical celebrations
  • Which respects the dignity of the human person through a strong sense of social justice
  • Which embraces a holistic learning environment
  • Which reflects the Spiritual and Corporeal Works of Mercy.


  • Which recognises that the school’s Catholicity permeates all learning experiences
  • Which offers a dynamic, challenging, rich and diverse range of learning experiences
  • That stimulates each student to strive for personal excellence
  • That caters to individual needs
  • Which encourages a high level of motivation, independence, perseverance, initiative and creativity
  • That values a culture of excellence where personal responsibility and pride in performance will help students to reach their potential
  • Which prepares students for a changing and challenging world
  • That embraces a formal pastoral care program and a wide range of cocurricular activities.


  • Which nurtures self-esteem by promoting respect for each person’s uniqueness, dignity and worth
  • That strives to be supportive for those who suffer and endure hardship
  • Which is compassionate, honest, accepting, tolerant, just, caring and willing to listen
  • That provides spiritual, emotional, social and intellectual assistance to each of its members
  • That inspires and nurtures a stimulating and safe environment which accepts difference
  • Which encourages a loyalty to a rich school heritage
  • That affirms the rights of individuals as well as their responsibility to the school, wider community and the physical environment
  • Which recognises that ‘the quality of Mercy’ is unconditional.


We at Mount Lilydale Mercy College, inspired by the Mercy tradition of Catherine McAuley, commit ourselves to striving for excellence in education grounded in the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ.