Welcome from the Principal

I warmly welcome you to Mount Lilydale Mercy College.

Mount Lilydale Mercy College (MLMC) is a Catholic co-educational secondary College with a proud history of shaping and enriching young lives in a nurturing environment for more than 120 years.

When the Sisters of Mercy arrived at Rourke’s Hill in 1896 and founded the College, they initiated a place of learning, a place of hope and a place where our core values of compassion, justice, respect, hospitality, courage and service became central to all that we do.

Meeting the complex needs of today’s students — who will be graduating, living and working in the 2020s and beyond — is both a privilege and a challenge. It is what drives us and I feel honoured to lead Mount Lilydale Mercy College.

Our task is to develop the innate talents in every child who enters the College and to ensure our students leave us with the resilience and confidence to fulfil their potential. We want MLMC graduates to live their best lives, to reach out to others and have the ambition to make the world a better place.

From its beginnings, MLMC has embodied a distinct Mercy spirit which deepens respect for each person’s uniqueness, dignity and worth. This spirit lies at the heart of the College’s identity, as well as our day-to-day interactions. Your child will be immersed in a culture that highlights Catholic values in everything we do,building a morality and framework to make decisions for life.

MLMC takes pride in being innovative in every aspect of education — from flexible curricula to the latest learning technologies and spaces. We strive to equip your child with all the skills they will need to achieve their academic and career goals, whichever path they choose. The stories of our thriving young alumni are a testament to this and inspire our current students to aim high both personally and academically.

When you choose a school, you are also choosing a community. This Prospectus will provide you with an insight into the students, parents, staff and alumni that give our College life and make it unique.

We warmly welcome each child into our community, where they will gain the skills, courage and confidence to be their best and give their best, throughout their lives. It is important for every child to be surrounded by examples of success so that they, too, can say “I came from Mount Lilydale Mercy College and I, too, can succeed and I, too, can serve”.

In the spirit of Catherine McAuley, God bless.
Philip Morison, Principal

We want MLMC graduates to live their best lives, to reach out to others and have the ambition to make the world a better place. 




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