Mount Lilydale Mercy College is committed to making environmental sustainability a high priority which ensures respect for the earth. Our aim is to become a school that acts as a living example by teaching and embodying eco-friendly initiatives that reduce our environmental impact.

The College has developed a School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) as part of ResourceSmart Schools — a Victorian Government initiative in conjunction with Sustainability Victoria. The College pledges to continue acting to minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions where possible.

Through the curriculum in Science and Humanities students cover themes of environmental responsibility, social justice and equity. VCE students learn more about renewable energy sources and the effect of greenhouse emissions in farming practices, VET Building and Construction students investigate environmentally sustainable homes and energy saving ideas, while VCE-Vocational Major students undertake community projects assisting Yarra Ranges council with numerous revegetation programs within the shire.

Students can take part in a range of cocurricular activities including tree planting, audits of waste, water and biodiversity, water sampling of the nearby Olinda Creek as part of Melbourne Water’s River Detectives program and participation in many other activities during Sustainability Week each July. With leadership from the Environment Prefect, the College’s Sustainability group creates objects out of recycled materials, informs students about what can and cannot be recycled and promotes sustainability awareness.

The installation of solar panels, efforts to better and sustainably regulate ambient temperatures in buildings, the planting of green wedges and the installation of plastic benches made from recycled materials are all part of the College’s efforts to take action. We can all take responsibility — it’s not always up to someone else.




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