Counselling and Wellbeing

The College Counselling Service provides confidential counselling support to MLMC students and their parents/guardians. Information is protected by confidential student-counsellor privilege, a privilege shared strictly within members of the counselling team. The only exception to the rule is when:

• There is a clear risk to safety of self or others
• Required by law e.g. court ordered, mandatory reporting to Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH).

MLMC Counsellors are trained and qualified professionals in either the field of psychology or social work. Currently, we have four Counsellors who work either full time or part time. Counsellors provide support, crisis response and ongoing therapeutic interventions when a young person is experiencing mental ill health. As well as the reactive work, Counsellors also offer preventative interventions such as prosocial programs, educational/psychological testing, and education and parent information sessions to promote good mental health.

How to contact a Student Counsellor:

Counselling appointments can be made the following ways:
• ring the College telephone number 9735 4022.
• email counsellingwellbeingteam@mlmc.vic.edu.au
• place a request in our letterbox located in the Counselling waiting room
• drop in to see one of the Student Counsellors during school hours
• telehealth service is available during remote learning (see link below).

Appointments are held during school hours and can be made before or after school by arrangement. 


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