Year 8 to 12 Enrolment

Enrolment for Year 8 to 12 students

Applications can be completed online via the following link For all enrolment enquiries please contact our Enrolments Officer at or 9735 4022.

The Year 8 to 12 enrolment process involves the following stages:

  • Application for enrolment, via the official application for enrolment process may be submitted at any time
  • Interviews will be conducted with the prospective student and parents/guardians
  • Contact will be made with the student’s current school
  • Offers of places will be made as soon as a vacancy arises.

All applicants are expected to support the Catholic nature of the College and to participate fully in the formal and informal Religious Education program. This includes attendance at all liturgies, retreats, Mercy Day, seminar days, camps, the Athletics Carnival and full participation in Religious Education classes.