Learning and teaching for the future

We believe that every student can experience success at learning and develop the confidence to thrive at school. At MLMC we take pride in innovating every aspect of education — from flexible curricula to the latest learning technologies and spaces. Through this strong learning culture we can offer your child creative, flexible and meaningful opportunities to learn better.

Through the College’s Vision for Learning we have the framework and the tools to gain a fundamental understanding of our students’ attributes and individual needs. It gives us the ability to make informed decisions that are based on data and adjust programs to improve learning outcomes.

With this approach we are able to prepare young people for the future — for workplaces that will be constantly evolving and where they will at times encounter an overwhelming amount of information. Workers of the future will need to problem-solve, collaborate and search for information efficiently and effectively. They will need the skills to gather details from many sources, pick out valuable information from noise and think strategically, with an open mind.

To give our students the skills they need, we foster a culture of learning that encourages:

  • independence, confidence and self-motivation
  • belief in an ability to succeed at learning
  • empathy and compassion, embracing diversity
  • global awareness
  • creativity and critical thinking
  • problem-solving and collaborative skills.

The structure of our curriculum will open exciting academic pathways for your child — which are limited only by imagination and ambition. With options across VCE,VCAL and VET, students can choose a pathway that suits their talents and builds the foundations of a successful career. We also offer a Learning Enhancement and Acceleration Program (LEAP) and an extensive Learning Support Program to meet the needs of all our students.

The teaching body at MLMC is comprised of a highlyskilled and talented team of educators. These dedicated individuals, with a sensitivity to different learning styles, encourage and guide students to explore the many opportunities that are available to them.Further details about our curriculum across McAuley Campus (Years 7 to 9) and Barak Campus (Years 10 to 12).